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A success brought about by tradition

Punturi's family is pround to represent the old and great tradition of Italian cheese production. Since the early 20th Century, thanks to the milk produced by free grazing sheep on the pastures of the Region of Umbria, it menufactured and commercialized in its Roman shops one the best cow's milk cheese of that period. Since then many things have changed, including the dimension of the company. But what has surely remained intact, are the passion, the tradition and the commitment with which Punturi's family members work to obtain high quality cheeses. Today the farm can count on a 3500 square meter factory, located at the outskirts of Rome, with 2000 square meter of refrigerated cellars for cheese seasonings. Our factory is amongst the few that passed the inspections of the American Federal Drug Administration.

Caseificio Santa Maria s.r.l.
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